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3 Ways to Get Travel Mementos on a College Budget

There is nothing more exciting than going on a trip and getting the chance to have brand new experiences. Wanting something to help keep that memory alive is natural to have and let’s be honest memories and pictures alone may not suffice. Being on a fixed budget can make it a bit tricky to find mementos to fit your needs, but don’t worry it can be done and more often than not theses cheap little mementos can often be much better than the pricier ones!


  1. Keep a Travel Journal/Diary: Record your adventures and experiences with a diary. There is no exact limit on what you can add to it. Fill it with personal accounts, drawings, postcards and other little tidbits you have picked up along the way. Send postcards to yourself everyday of your visit and make a travel diary out of those. Add some extra flair to your travel diary by using old maps or use the travel scrapbooking set from Smash.

If you are traveling across America you can pick up a national park passport and see how many national monuments you can visit.  You’d be surprised to see how many historical places you can travel to within your area.


  1. Collect Something that’s Free or Cheap:  Mementos don’t have to cost a thing and in fact you can get some great personalized mementos real cheap if you know where to look.

Some Examples Are:

Squashed Pennies: This might seem a little silly, but these are really great souvenirs and with just a little bit of imagination there is no limit what you can do with them. You can make key chains, belts, and best of all jewelry. There are many people on the street who bought that generic necklace from the souvenir shop, but you can guarantee that no one is going to have a squashed penny bracelet quite like yours.

Bar Coasters: if you frequent many bars or clubs on your travels collect the coasters from these places and create your own personalized coaster set. You can grantee that they will bring back fond memories and inspire wonderful stores to tell when you have guests over.

  1. Keep it Simple: You can’t go wrong with magnets, shot glasses, and other little knickknacks. There is something charming about these little types of items that you just can’t help, but grab one. Just be sure that you are getting them because you really want them and not just out of impulse.

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Higher Priced Items:

If you want to buy something that goes beyond your normal budget just ask yourself a few of these questions.

  1. Will I use this in the next year after my trip is done?
  2. Can I get this item at home?
  3. Can I get this item at a cheaper price?

If you can justify the purchase than get it and enjoy!

Happy and Safe Travels!

What are some of your favorite travel mementos?

Top Five Things I Learned About Turning My Personal Brand Into a Lovemark

Top Five Things I Learned From Turning

When it comes to branding, the first thing that comes to mind for many is particular companies like Apple, Starbucks, Ikea, etc.

People rarely take into account their own personal brand or further yet their personal Lovemark, which is something far more difficult to achieve.

So, what is a Lovemark?

 Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without.

A lovemark is brand that goes beyond delivering great quality and service. It is a brand that contains a valuable emotional connection that makes it invaluable.  A lovemark can be applied to anything such as cities, companies, products, or even people.

I will soon be out in the real world and will have to put my best foot forward to show not only can I be a valuable asset to anyone’s team, but someone you just can’t do without because of the value I bring.

This semester I enrolled in a social media marketing class at the University of Northern Colorado, which gave me the chance to develop my personal Lovemark. I learned a lot through the semester and thought it would be important to share the top 5 things I learned about developing my personal Lovemark.

Top Five Tips to Build a Personal Lovemark

1.Be Authentic (Wear your Heart on your Sleeve)

The key to a good personal brand or Lovemark  is to genuine and passionate about the subject matter you are talking about. There is a difference between following a trend because it is popular or profitable versus talking about something you truly care about. In a sense just like Lovemarks you topic of focus should be something that you have an emotional connection to.

When you are passionate about something authenticity will show through in your tweets, comments, blog posts, etc. and will give you an audience that you can authentically engage with.

2. Target an Audience (Cupid’s Arrow to the Heart)

It can be a difficult task to create and share content if you don’t know who to target to.  After all if no one sees what you have to share or engages with you than it’s almost impossible to create that personal connection. After you pick your topic focus a little research can be done to see how to best target your target to a specific audience.

Check out influencers and experts in your career focus, see what content they are creating, sharing, and how they engage with their audience. It’s not necessary to copy these influencers, but it is important to see what subject matter is relevant to your personal Lovemark.  To further your search check out what common hashtags are used and popular places to turn to for information on your subject focus. Utilize this in the content you curate and create in order to deliver your message to the ideal audience.

3. Engage (Show Heart)

In order to develop one’s Lovemark it is important to interact with your audience. After all, the signs of a good lovemark is something that not only shows love, but also shows respect. Your audience dedicates a lot of time reading what you have to share, so it is important to show appreciation for what they have to share with you as well.

Engaging is also an important component of building your audience as well. It is important to show that you are part of a larger community and have interest in interacting with others outside of what you have to share to better your own image.

4. Create Content (Sharing is Caring)

Good content is key to promoting a good Lovemark and adds value to one’s personal image. The Hallmarks of a lovemark are the following; they are mysterious, sensual, and have a certain intimacy about them. Without these hallmarks it would be difficult to create that emotional connection that is so well associated with lovemarks .

Mystery is about the unknown and there is a great deal that your audience probably doesn’t know about a certain subject, which allows you to create content that educational and informative. When it comes to content, don’t just stick to the written word, use images sounds, etc. to engage the senses of your audience. Content wise this can be done by using visuals, creating videos, or even a podcast recording. Share stories and personal outlooks to create that bond of intimacy, this will lead back to being authentic and engaging with your audience.

5. Be Consistent (Don’t Skip a Beat)

The thing about one’s  personal lovemark is that the image needs to be consistent with everything you do, especially in the realm of social media. If you have a career focus in event planning than the content you share, curate, and create should focus primarily on event planning. It is of course okay to narrow that focus down more for example having a focus on sports event planning and you can even be broad as long as you can relate it back to your central focus.

Being consistent with your Lovemark allows your audience to know that you are in fact someone that they look to for providing valuable content on a certain subject. When it comes to your lovemark on social media it is important to keep all related pages as similar as possible, which means using the same images, same taglines, mission statements, hashtags, etc. Doing this will not only allow keep your audience from being confused, but it will help build onto the lovemark you have developed for your day to day life.

To Sum-It Up

Lovemarks are the future of branding and are likely to be something that many companies, places, and individuals will strive to achieve. There is much more to Lovemarks that I did not mention in this post, so if you have the time I highly suggest you check out The Lovemarks Effect: Winning in the Consumer Revolution by Kevin Roberts and check out this website completely dedicated to lovemarks.

There is much that goes into creating a Lovemark. What do you think  goes into creating a lovemark and is it possible for a person to have a personal Lovemark?

The Silk Road: The Origins of International Business

2 Imagine a world where ideas must travel through 5,700 miles of road and not through the convenience of a screen on an electronic device.

Today, doing business internationally has become a way of life. There is hardly a single business out there that does not depend on the help of another country.

The invention of the internet has granted access to just about any good or service in the world, but what about a time when such a thing was not so simple?

Recently, I had a chance to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s exhibit on the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a network of trade routes that originated in Xi’an city in China and expanded to parts of Southern Europe. The exhibit expanded my knowledge on how international business worked in the past and how certain things have radically changed since that time and how some things have remained the same.

Marketing in the Olden Days

On the Silk Road it seems that marketing didn’t happen in the sense that we know it today, that is a business promoting itself to influence others to purchase its goods or services. Outside of merchants trying to promote their goods, the marketing seen on the Silk Road dealt with the promotion of one’s own personal culture. Those that traveled through the Silk Road came from many different cultures that spoke different languages. One of the best ways that travelers could communicate on the Silk Road was through music and imagery. Religions such as Islam and Buddhism promoted their beliefs through the sound of their musical instruments. Imagery on fabrics, stones, walls, and various other objects were used to express cultural concepts and ideas.

Ancient Chinese Secret

Today, businesses harbor secrets to keep their competitive advantage over those within their industry. On the Silk Road entire countries kept their competitive advantage by keeping the methods of their specialized products a secret. China is of course the most notorious example of this and for years the secrets of paper making, print making, gunpowder production, and most importantly silk laid primarily with the Chinese. This was until various wars broke out most notably the one with the Arab Empire in 750 that forced the Chinese to reveal their secrets.

Silk Making in China
Silk Making in China

When the East meets the West

China was not the only source of trade along the Silk Road, other regions that traded on the Silk Road included Central Asia, the Middle East, India, and Mediterranean Europe. As the West longed for China’s luxurious silk, China longed for luxuries that the West could provide such as grapes, olive oil, wool, and perfumes. As stated above ideas and concepts traveled along the Silk Road, and as certain concepts reached certain regions those concepts were adapted to fit within that culture. There have been many studies done to see how certain concepts changed and received a specific type of regional branding as they moved along the Silk Road. One example in particular is of the Greek god, Boreas who kept much of the same basic iconography as the concept traveled to the East.

The Impact

Looking through the exhibit it became clear to me just how of an impact the Silk Road had on civilization and how it also help lay down the foundations of international business. The exhibit ended on an interesting note that pointed that with the creation of the internet, a new age emerged.  No matter where you are, you can be connected to another culture and obtain information as well as international goods with just a click of a button.

This has been a very broad summery on the Silk Road and the impact it has had on the modern world, for more information I strongly suggest you check out texts such as The Silk Road in World History. If you are in the Colorado area visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and check out Traveling the Silk Road Exhibit, that lasts till May 3rd.

What were some of the other impacts the Silk Road had on our modern world and history? Leave a comment and let’s discuss. Image Credit: Shanna Farley Want to learn more about Global Marketing? Check out my posts on: Coca-Cola’s Lovemark on the Globe WordPress Post