Stand With Paris

It breaks my heart to see how hateful people can be after times like this. This is not the case of a whole race, religion, or group of people spreading hatred. This is because a few individuals are angry because others have what they don’t have or can’t have. This is no different than the gunman within American society who decide to hurt others because if they are unhappy than no one else can be happy.
The following quote is German and even though it would be more appropriate in French it’s meaning still stands. After all France and Germany were once enemies and now they are close allies. I originally found out about it in the German History Museum in Bonn it resonates with me.
“Your Christ is jewish, your car is japanese, your pizza is italian, your democracy is greek, your coffee is brazilian, your numbers are arabic, your alphabet is latin… only your neighbor is foreign?”
All our cultures bring something beautiful into the world and we, as citizens can not match hate with hate.

Stand With Paris
Stand With Paris

Photo Creadit @Jean_Jullien for the Paris Imagery.


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