Landmark Lovemarks: The Dom Cathedral

cologne dom cathedral

I spent my study abroad semester in the city of Cologne, Germany. The city is primarily known for one structure, the epic sized Gothic styled cathedral. Almost every piece of tourist memorabilia in the city revolves around the Dom because of how it has come to symbolize the city.

Here is a list of interesting facts about the Dom to help understand why this Cathedral has become central to the city of Cologne.

1. The Cathedral is rumored to hold the bones of the “Three Wise Men” (That’s why there are three crowns on the Cologne city crest.)

2. It is the tallest Gothic architecture building found in the world (It was also the tallest building from (1880-1884)

3. The construction of the building roughly started in 1248 and ended in 1880, taking 632 years to complete.

4. The Cathedral was one of the few standing buildings in Cologne after air raids during WW II. (Pilots were most likely told to avoid hitting the building for possible various reasons.)

5. The church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Mary.

6. The original city entrance from Roman times can be found in from of the Cathedral. (There is also a museum dedicated to Roman items found right next to the Cathedral.)

Tip: There are many items outside for display and there is a mosaic that one can see from the outside as well.

7. In 2007 the South stained glass window was redone by Gerhard Ricter in a pixel styled arrangement.

8. The Cathedral is black because of pollution from the train station that is located next to it.

9. When Cologne was seized by France in 1794, the church was used as storage for grain.

10. There is hardly ever a time when the cathedral is not under construction. (It takes painstaking work to keep the cathedral structurally sound.)

11. Only Businesses that have a view of the cathedral are allowed to have Dom in their name.

12. There is a Christmas market that is held outside the Cathedral every year.

13. It is Germany’s most visited landmark, with an average of 20,000 visitors per day.

14. The UNESCO declared Cologne Cathedral a World Heritage Site in 1996.

15. On 5 January 2015, the cathedral  switched off floodlights to protest a demonstration by PEGIDA. (PEGIDA is a hate group that is against Muslims in Europe)

In all honestly, The Dom Cathedral was my least favorite of the Cathdrals I saw during my trip. Cologne would not be the same  without it and it’s skyline certainly would not be as grand. It is a sight to see on the outside and many interesting characters can be found around the Dom Cathedral as well. You can also take a trip to the top as well for a small fee.


Photo Credit: biberta (Morgue Files)


Lovemark Landmarks: The Eiffel Tower

Every Iconic city has a landmark that stands out against all others and becomes a representation for the city itself. For London it’s Big Ben, New York has the statue of Liberty, and Paris’s most iconic landmark is without a doubt the Eiffel Tower.

This is the beginning of a series where I take a look at the iconic landmarks of different cities and share some interesting facts about them. I spent two days in Paris, a city filled with many marvelous landmarks, known and unknown alike. Even with so many landmarks the Eiffel Tower seems to stand above the rest.


1. The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World’s Fair Expedition (Random Fact: My school The University of Northern Colorado is almost as old as the Eiffel Tower to the very day.)

2.Many Parisians found the Eiffel tower to be an eyesore and the tower itself was almost used for scrap metal.

3. In 1909 the tower was repurposed as an radio antenna, saving it from being demolished.

4. Another city that could have been home for the tower was Barcelona, Spain, but the project was declined.

5. It takes 1,665 steps to get to the very top. (Woo that it quite a workout.)

6. A woman married the Eiffel Tower in 2007.

7. The tower is named after Gustave Eiffel. (Supposedly the tower held an apartment for him on the third floor.)

8. The tower also has a nickname called “La dame de fer” which means the iron lady

9. It was the largest building in the world at the time of its construction.

10. The tower is used for numerous marketing campaigns. Most notably the French car manufacturer Citroen used the tower as a giant billboard between 1925 and 1934. (When I was there there was a giant tennis ball in the middle of the tower for the French Open Tennis Tournament.) Source:PastTimeParisian

11. At night the tower sparkles on the hour.

12. It is part of a series of Paris landmarks that are lined up in a roughly straight line

13. It is the most visited paid monument in the world with over 250 million visitors.

14. The actual creator of the tower is Maurice Koechlin.

15. In the summer the heat increases the height of the tower by 6 inches.

16. In the winter the first floor is used as a skating rink.

17.There are two restaurants located on the Eiffel Tower.

18.  It is the most popular spots in the world to take a selfie.

19.  When Hitler visited Paris lift cables were cut to force him and other Nazi’s to use stairs to get to the top.

20. It uses the same amount of Electricity as a small village

Image by me