Superbowl Commercials (American Dreaming)


It’s been a whole year since my last post on here. As I talked about in my last post is the American tradition known as the “Superbowl”. An interesting trend I found in this year’s commercials is the focus on immigration and the diversity found in America.

The current topic of immigration within the United States is a highly controversial one, so it was incredibly surprising to me that so many companies would be clearly showing a particular stance on the issue.

I’ll be doing a quick run through of the commercials that aired this year.

Budweiser “Born the Hard Way”

Budweiser brought attention to  their immigrant origins. This was an interesting way to voice their opinion on the current immigrant issue by looking to the past. It is a reminder that regardless of origin all immigrants have had to face opposition in this country, but the rewards can be great for those who can work past that. It also comes to show you that in some way times do not change and history does seem to repeat itself.

Airbnb “We Accept”

Not a surprising that a company focus on tourism would focus on diversity. Interesting note that the company is hugely against the travel ban put on Muslims in select countries to the U.S.  They have stated that they will offer free housing to refugees not welcomed in the U.S. Link

Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful”

This commercial is an old one and actually came out three Superbowls ago. It does seem that it was brought out due to the political stances going on in the country right now.  It has been stated that Coca-Cola has used this commercial at different big events throughout the years. Regardless it does seem to create a reaction both positive and negative. It was instantly one of my favorite commercials of all time the moment I saw it and I’m sure Coca-Cola decided if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

 Avocados from Mexico”#Avosecrets”

Not really a political commercial, but do find it interesting that they are promoting a product that will most likely be increasing in price due to where they come from. Mexican imports may be taxed higher in order to help build the wall to better divide American and Mexican boarders.

Audi “Daughter”

This one does not necessarily have to do with immigration, but it does highlight the desire for progress. The point of being an American is not only to make a better life for yourself, but a better life for those after you. This is especially true when it comes to your very own family. I am not exactly sure what cars have to do with gender equality, but the commercial seemed to have good intentions on the issue.

84 Lumber “The Entire Journey” 

This will probably be considered the most controversial commercial of the Superbowl. For one the whole entirety of it couldn’t be aired, which meant you had to go to the 84 Lumber site. The sire has been reported to be crashing due to all the traffic it is receiving. This commercial was without a doubt the most captivating out all the commercials I have ever seen at the Superbowl. I had to go check out the full commercial myself to see how it ended.


It’s clear that America is not perfect and that there is always room for improvement. I am not sure if these commercials took the stance they did because of profitability reasons or if these companies are clearly taking a stance on certain political issues. My guess it’s a bit of both considering that America continues to become more diverse each and everyday.


“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”





The Top Superbowl Commercials of 2016


bronco panthers superbowl 50


Last Sunday was the Superbowl, which is the American equivalent of the World Cup for American Football.

In the states it is a tradition to gather around the television to watch the game and partake in some favorite snacks. In American football cities have teams that represent them and this year was a big one because my home team, The Denver Broncos won!

One of the most interesting things about the Superbowl is the fact many people go out of their way to watch the game for the commercials. This is funny to me because in general people avoid commercials at all cost, but the for the Superbowl watching the commercials is a tradition.

Years ago marketers got smart and noticed that a large percentage of Americans were watching the game, so they started getting creative with the commercials they air. That is why commercials at the Superbowl became a thing, but unfortunately not all commercials are created equal. Commercials I have seen can be uninteresting or fail to deliver the intended message.

This year I wanted to share my favorite commercials and why I think they were entertaining/effective.


This has been an ongoing campaign for Snickers and they always seem to change it up enough to keep it fresh.  It is nice to see that they switched up the gender for once. I mean I am definitely a different person when I am hangry.

In relation to Coca-Cola’s share a coke campaign; Snickers has also began to personalize their products.


In the past Axe ads have been very groan worthy playing off sort of stereotypical versions of masculinity. It was actually those types of ads that finally got the product off the shelves, but goodness times have changed since the 2000s.

I am sure since Old Spice started dominating the market appealing more to a different type of man something had to change. It was refreshing to see such a progressive ad targeted towards different types of masculinity and not just the established standard. Axe has made a terrific start rebranding themselves.


I think it can be alright to say ads can be deceiving, especially when they like to use data that is not current. T-mobile decided to tackle the criticism received by Verizon in a creative way.

Using current events like the Miss Universe fiasco, T-mobile took current information to highlight everything in their favor. The commercial was entertaining and effective in the information they were trying to provide. A great commercial.

Domestic Violence

In the past Domestic Abuse commercials were always more blatant, often showing women bruised up. This commercial took a more personal approach and challenges the audience to read in between the lines.

I love that this commercial took a different approach to discuss the issue, but was still respectful to the individuals they are trying to represent.

NFL Superbowl Babies

This was probably one of the most emotional commercials of the night. It’s a great come back to how much the Superbowl has had on American culture and how rooted it is in tradition. Amazing o think it has only been 50 years.

Also interestingly enough the claim of a rise in birth of Superbowl winning cities might be thing. One thing I must ask is “Where are the Bronco babies?”. Oh well suppose we will see some during the 2018 season.


What were your favorite commercials of the evening and what were your least favorites?


Where I am At Now!

Hello Everyone,

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I have much I wish to talk about, so I plan to write a post every few days.

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