Landmark Lovemarks: The Dom Cathedral

cologne dom cathedral

I spent my study abroad semester in the city of Cologne, Germany. The city is primarily known for one structure, the epic sized Gothic styled cathedral. Almost every piece of tourist memorabilia in the city revolves around the Dom because of how it has come to symbolize the city.

Here is a list of interesting facts about the Dom to help understand why this Cathedral has become central to the city of Cologne.

1. The Cathedral is rumored to hold the bones of the “Three Wise Men” (That’s why there are three crowns on the Cologne city crest.)

2. It is the tallest Gothic architecture building found in the world (It was also the tallest building from (1880-1884)

3. The construction of the building roughly started in 1248 and ended in 1880, taking 632 years to complete.

4. The Cathedral was one of the few standing buildings in Cologne after air raids during WW II. (Pilots were most likely told to avoid hitting the building for possible various reasons.)

5. The church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Mary.

6. The original city entrance from Roman times can be found in from of the Cathedral. (There is also a museum dedicated to Roman items found right next to the Cathedral.)

Tip: There are many items outside for display and there is a mosaic that one can see from the outside as well.

7. In 2007 the South stained glass window was redone by Gerhard Ricter in a pixel styled arrangement.

8. The Cathedral is black because of pollution from the train station that is located next to it.

9. When Cologne was seized by France in 1794, the church was used as storage for grain.

10. There is hardly ever a time when the cathedral is not under construction. (It takes painstaking work to keep the cathedral structurally sound.)

11. Only Businesses that have a view of the cathedral are allowed to have Dom in their name.

12. There is a Christmas market that is held outside the Cathedral every year.

13. It is Germany’s most visited landmark, with an average of 20,000 visitors per day.

14. The UNESCO declared Cologne Cathedral a World Heritage Site in 1996.

15. On 5 January 2015, the cathedral  switched off floodlights to protest a demonstration by PEGIDA. (PEGIDA is a hate group that is against Muslims in Europe)

In all honestly, The Dom Cathedral was my least favorite of the Cathdrals I saw during my trip. Cologne would not be the same  without it and it’s skyline certainly would not be as grand. It is a sight to see on the outside and many interesting characters can be found around the Dom Cathedral as well. You can also take a trip to the top as well for a small fee.


Photo Credit: biberta (Morgue Files)


Top Five Things I Learned About Turning My Personal Brand Into a Lovemark

Top Five Things I Learned From Turning

When it comes to branding, the first thing that comes to mind for many is particular companies like Apple, Starbucks, Ikea, etc.

People rarely take into account their own personal brand or further yet their personal Lovemark, which is something far more difficult to achieve.

So, what is a Lovemark?

 Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without.

A lovemark is brand that goes beyond delivering great quality and service. It is a brand that contains a valuable emotional connection that makes it invaluable.  A lovemark can be applied to anything such as cities, companies, products, or even people.

I will soon be out in the real world and will have to put my best foot forward to show not only can I be a valuable asset to anyone’s team, but someone you just can’t do without because of the value I bring.

This semester I enrolled in a social media marketing class at the University of Northern Colorado, which gave me the chance to develop my personal Lovemark. I learned a lot through the semester and thought it would be important to share the top 5 things I learned about developing my personal Lovemark.

Top Five Tips to Build a Personal Lovemark

1.Be Authentic (Wear your Heart on your Sleeve)

The key to a good personal brand or Lovemark  is to genuine and passionate about the subject matter you are talking about. There is a difference between following a trend because it is popular or profitable versus talking about something you truly care about. In a sense just like Lovemarks you topic of focus should be something that you have an emotional connection to.

When you are passionate about something authenticity will show through in your tweets, comments, blog posts, etc. and will give you an audience that you can authentically engage with.

2. Target an Audience (Cupid’s Arrow to the Heart)

It can be a difficult task to create and share content if you don’t know who to target to.  After all if no one sees what you have to share or engages with you than it’s almost impossible to create that personal connection. After you pick your topic focus a little research can be done to see how to best target your target to a specific audience.

Check out influencers and experts in your career focus, see what content they are creating, sharing, and how they engage with their audience. It’s not necessary to copy these influencers, but it is important to see what subject matter is relevant to your personal Lovemark.  To further your search check out what common hashtags are used and popular places to turn to for information on your subject focus. Utilize this in the content you curate and create in order to deliver your message to the ideal audience.

3. Engage (Show Heart)

In order to develop one’s Lovemark it is important to interact with your audience. After all, the signs of a good lovemark is something that not only shows love, but also shows respect. Your audience dedicates a lot of time reading what you have to share, so it is important to show appreciation for what they have to share with you as well.

Engaging is also an important component of building your audience as well. It is important to show that you are part of a larger community and have interest in interacting with others outside of what you have to share to better your own image.

4. Create Content (Sharing is Caring)

Good content is key to promoting a good Lovemark and adds value to one’s personal image. The Hallmarks of a lovemark are the following; they are mysterious, sensual, and have a certain intimacy about them. Without these hallmarks it would be difficult to create that emotional connection that is so well associated with lovemarks .

Mystery is about the unknown and there is a great deal that your audience probably doesn’t know about a certain subject, which allows you to create content that educational and informative. When it comes to content, don’t just stick to the written word, use images sounds, etc. to engage the senses of your audience. Content wise this can be done by using visuals, creating videos, or even a podcast recording. Share stories and personal outlooks to create that bond of intimacy, this will lead back to being authentic and engaging with your audience.

5. Be Consistent (Don’t Skip a Beat)

The thing about one’s  personal lovemark is that the image needs to be consistent with everything you do, especially in the realm of social media. If you have a career focus in event planning than the content you share, curate, and create should focus primarily on event planning. It is of course okay to narrow that focus down more for example having a focus on sports event planning and you can even be broad as long as you can relate it back to your central focus.

Being consistent with your Lovemark allows your audience to know that you are in fact someone that they look to for providing valuable content on a certain subject. When it comes to your lovemark on social media it is important to keep all related pages as similar as possible, which means using the same images, same taglines, mission statements, hashtags, etc. Doing this will not only allow keep your audience from being confused, but it will help build onto the lovemark you have developed for your day to day life.

To Sum-It Up

Lovemarks are the future of branding and are likely to be something that many companies, places, and individuals will strive to achieve. There is much more to Lovemarks that I did not mention in this post, so if you have the time I highly suggest you check out The Lovemarks Effect: Winning in the Consumer Revolution by Kevin Roberts and check out this website completely dedicated to lovemarks.

There is much that goes into creating a Lovemark. What do you think  goes into creating a lovemark and is it possible for a person to have a personal Lovemark?

How Coca-Cola Lovemarked the Globe

How Coca-Cola became a global empire!


According to Forbe’s Most Valuable Brands list, the top five companies are as follows: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, and IBM. Four out of five of these brands deal with technology, while Coca-Cola’s as a company specializes in beverages.  At the moment Coca-Cola is officially available in over 200 countries worldwide, with 1.8 billion beverages served daily. So, how did the simple soft drink become the huge global success it is today?

The Beginning

According to the Coca-Cola website, the origins of the Coca-Cola Company date back to Atlanta, Georgia in 1886 when John S. Pemberton created the soft drink to be served at a local pharmacy. The drink rose in popularity and in less than 20 years the drink was sold in every territory of the United Sates. In 1905 bottling operations begin in Canada, Cuba and Panama, marking the beginning of Coca-Cola’s global expansion.

Coca-Cola at the Games

In 1928 Coca-Cola took the opportunity to sell and promote their products at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. This helped open up Coca-Cola to the world and began an 80 plus year association with the games that continues on today. The demand for the drink soared and just after two years of the Olympics, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation is created to handle marketing the brand on an international level.

The Message

Outside of Coca-Cola’s first mover advantage in terms of reaching the global market in comparison to other brands like Pepsi; Coca-Cola had the advantage of having a message that is universal. The message of spreading “happiness” and “enjoyment” is one that is acceptable throughout the globe and a timeless one at that. It’s messages like this that help turned Coca-Cola from a simple brand to a lovemark, a brand that “reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without.”

The World Shares a Coke

Shahrzad Warkentin from points out that, as a company Coca-Cola knew the importance of tailoring their product to particular markets to make their product more accessible and acceptable. During Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign that was expanded to over 50 countries, each country’s offerings was customized to its local language and social media practices. The company did research to find the most popular names in each location to print on Coke bottles and encouraged the public to promote and share a coke with those around them. This tactic not only increased the company’s brand awareness, but also leads the public to having a greater fondness for the company.

The Final Pop

It becomes apparent that Coke’s success is due to the company being one of the first branded products on the globe to ever expand outside its originating boarders in such an ambitious matter.  On top of that the company continues on matching the product and brand to changing and local tastes. As for the rest of Coca-Cola’s success it might just be that we all just want to enjoy some “Happiness” in our day to day lives.

Are there any other factors that played into the success of Coca-Cola as a global brand? Leave a comment and let me know.

Image by:gratisography